Robert Battaile (Robert B+) has lead a checkered career as an painter, singer and musician (guitar and bass), writer, songwriter, screenwriter, television productioneer, marketing director, computer designer, database programmer, impersonator, real estate developer and construction worker.

  Born in Boston, Robert has lived variously in Rockford, San Diego, Phoenix, Houston, Austin, Los Angeles, Ojai, Las Vegas, St. Helena, CA (Napa Valley) and now in Santa Rosa. He has three grown children.

  The "Silver Battle" moniker was a stage name first used as a musician in Houston during the mid-70's. These paintings were created in 1988 while living and golfing deep in the heart of the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles). The music video was shot in Ojai, CA. After years of script-pitching (sci-fi family rock muscial) in L.A., Robert moved to Las Vegas to pursue a career as a Paul McCartney impersonator. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Three years later, he noticed he was in a desert and moved to the scenic wonderland of small town Saint Helena, California, dividing his time between kid wrestling, mother wrestling, entremaneurial projects (feature film and computer application); plus a new series of whimsical (Disney meets Dali) paintings. His paintings enjoyed a year on display at the St. Helena Public Library in the Children's Section. He also has appeared as Paul with Jamie's Rock 'n Roll Legends based in Oregon.

Now, we've got this video production company, Calexas. After 25 years in pre-production, a dream was realized with the shooting of the RB's musical movie "SANTA AND SONS & daughter!" which is now available from, online at and of course at The movie showed at three festivals and in cities across the country and internationally.

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