Producers Bonnie Zimmermann and Robert Battaile simulate the "Scenic Overlook" set in their new interactive wine-tasting comedy show.

MER-ZIN” wine-tasting comedy show planned for Napa

Producers announce creative plan to develop “MER-ZIN” – their wine-tasting comedy show and provide a sustainable downtown venue to launch other original plays and indie films.

Wine industry veterans as well as Napa Valley theater and media producers, Robert Battaile and Bonnie Zimmermann think their comedy wine-tasting theater show can run for years and generate the capital and creativity to launch a variety of original theater and film projects.

The duo created “MER-ZIN Napa LLC” to offer private shares to “qualified” investors. With a proposed budget of $120,000 ~ thirty $4,000 shares are available. Please watch our 5-minute clip which walks you through the show. “Only two bottles were killed in the making of the video,” Robert comforts us. “And, there’s another video with our bio’s and mini-clips from our original shows there,” adds Bonnie. Thanks for telling all your friends that enjoy great wines and live theater experiences.

MER-ZIN logo

"MER-ZIN" is an interactive comedy that takes the audience on a Wine Tasting and Tour
that also includes snack cheeses, appetizers and chocolate. Our goal is to run from April to
October on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30 pm with
Friday, Saturday and occasional Sunday matinees.

Wines will be premium Napa Valley vintages from different wineries. The audience will
know the Wineries included but not the varietals or order they will be poured in the show.

The cast includes nine people. Ticket prices are estimated to be $60-70 per person.

MER-ZIN Napa LLC presents "MER-ZIN"
A CALEXAS Production |
Directed by Bonnie Zimmermann | Produced by Robert Battaile

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Business Items:
NOTE: These materials contain information about a speculative investment for
accredited investors able to withstand the complete loss of their investment.
Please consult your tax and legal advisors prior to making any investment.

The Presentation | MER-ZIN Business Plan Summary | MER-ZIN FAQ's

The Business Plan consists of Four Parts:

1. The BUSINESS 2. The SHOW 3. LEGAL DOCS (by request) 4. The NUMBERS (by request)

The SYNOPSIS is included in The SHOW. Read the full Script here.