It's not exactly "we are the world" ~ it's more like we need to take back our world. This is my effort to reach those "hard-to-reach" voters. It's a call to action for people to "get off their butts" and vote. It may seem offensive yet there's no cussing nor violence. Although you may laff your ass off! In TEXAS, you have to REGISTER before October 9th.
    The youTube video has been seen 50,000 times in ten days!

    Go watch the you Tube video.

    Remember, "time is of the essence" since the mid-term election is coming up fast and we need to take back the House AND Senate!

    Lyrics are here: Donald Trump's Golden Toilet.pdf   Press Release here

    I've started a LaunchPad site to help raise funds for my NEXT PROJECT at LaunchPad... I'm trying to raise $6,000 to produce my 2nd cd and create other good works. There are many fun rewards available including "Doodle Therapy" books and 8"x10" prints of my paintings "Bogeyman" • "Moon Shot" • "Fab Fore" If we're amazingly successful, maybe the MER-ZIN Theater space even.

    Maybe you saw this, but...While you’re enjoying the indoors and escaping the heat… spend some cool time looking at twitch tv's copy of my live performance and interview on the Safehouse show in Austin June 30. Robert B+ originals including singing with some of the tracks from my "zymphonix" cd. Hot stuff. Literally. And a few shout-outs to family and friends...


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We were among the many who evacuated during the Valley Fire in September 2015. About six months later, upon hearing about an upcoming benefit - I was wondering what I might perform... when this song manifested itself. With lots of volunteer help, we managed to put together a band, recording studio, community chorus and a music video! The Lake County Sheriffs Dept even let us use some of their horrific dashcam footage!

Visit to watch the video and donate to help survivors and first responders. Like the last line in the song: "We put you out, but you're not done." There's much still to be done. Unfortunately, the Santa Rosa and Southern California fires have also been tragic. I used to perform at a couple of clubs and hotels that are no longer there.

And 2018 saw more of the same. Evacuations and thousands of acres on fire. Global warming is real! Maybe someone should tell the Republicans.


Click on song title to play mp3 sample
Digital downloads are on iTunes and and Google play many other sites.

Get the CD's at or

Many thanks to Kevin Hayes for some very tasty drums, and Robert Butler of Coyote Creek Studio in Sebastopol for the engineering and our final mixing. The mastering by Justin Weiss at Trakworx in San Francisco really topped it off.

Please send me your input. Which one is your fave?
Which one should I make into a video? Is there a name for this style?
Let me know, thanks ~

SONG LYRICS: Paradise Bird, So Damn Happy, Polynesian Eyes, Terror of Tinytown, My Brand New Start, Temptacious Eyes, Give the Boy his Due, My Beautiful Dream, PLANET VEGA$, Giant Question Mark.
* grandson Levi adds the crying on "Terror of Tinytown" in the style of son Silvin ~ the original. Painting and songs by Robert Battaile.