We have two wineries – Tony Peju and Peju Winery; and Michael Mondavi with Folio Wines on board, along with Chefs Cyndi Pawlcyn, Keith Luce and Donna Scala. If you'd like to participate, please let us know.

Great Wineries Bocce Challenge

Set in the picturesque Napa Valley, BOCCE CHALLENGE features a competition between eight teams to benefit charities.  The play takes place on a different court for each of the five half-hour programs.  An on-camera host keeps the action moving between the elements and provides personality and continuity for the series.  Part sport, part lifestyle and part entertainment, BOCCE CHALLENGE brings new audiences to the game.


 The Elements...  

Bocce Competition.  League-winning teams compete for $40,000 in prizes to benefit

charities one of the largest bocce purses in history.  Play-by-play and expert analysis combined with overhead camera shots and graphics present the game in a new way. 

The winning charity gets $20,000, with $10,000 to second place.  The team players also compete for prizes including a $2,500 top prize.  In each episode, a short pre-recorded clip will teach viewers the Rules of Play.  Two winery teams compete in each program.

The final match-up is between the two teams with the highest score (or point spreads) as determined from the first four matches.


Great Wineries.  Eight of the best world-class wineries each put up $5,000 to sponsor a

team and show off their wineries.  We will meet the owners and leading winemakers. They will select a couple of their top wines to be featured. The programs will include short tours of their facilities and show the various stages of wine production.


Great Food.  Each episode highlights a different famous chef with prepared foods that pair

with the selected wines.  The wineries will bring a couple of dishes as will the hosting venue.  Bocce is a social sport and the food and wine are integral parts of it. 


Special Guests.  One or two per show.  Many famous people visit the Napa Valley and enjoy the

fine wines, foods and bocce.  There will be some bocce throws for charity prizes by these guests, but they are not part of the actual competition.  Remember, the wineries, winemakers and chefs also have star-power. 


Charity Beneficiaries.  Each selected charity will have a short presentation of its missions,

facilities and beneficiaries included in each program.  These clips will show off some of the "good news" that viewers long for.


The series will be produced by two northern California companies working together Freeman Productions (www.freemanproduction.com) and Calexas (www.calexas.com).


Bocce is a sport with tremendous growth potential.  It is reputed to be second only to soccer (and ahead of golf) in terms of the number of participants.  With over 250 recognized Bocce Ball Clubs having over 100,000 players in the U.S. alone, bocce is a low impact sport that favors skill and technique more than physical size and strength.  It is played by men and women of all ages.  When you add the lifestyle experience that combines sport, food and wine you have a recipe for successful programming to an expanding moderate and upscale niche.      

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