Greetings one and all,

I've been working on this project over the past several years and perhaps this is its moment.

It gives me great pleasure to present this for public consideration as it works so well on so many levels. I think "Rounds" can be a social hub for the city as well as provide challenging sports and recreation for kids and adults alike.

Most of these games are games of skill and technique in which the kindly grandma can often defeat the burly truckdriver. I know from experience, as I played bocce on the Martini Shiners team when I first moved to St. Helena. I briefly lived in Santa Rosa and started bocce league play there in 2009. Today, there are over 500 members playing five nights a week.

I've heard the wails of "nothing to do" and "nothing for the kids to do" for years now. Perhaps that pent-up energy can charge forth to rally behind this project.

I'd like to see several charity events happening at the site, plus the golf team practicing on the golf simulators, and summer jobs for kids. Candlepin Bowling will be a whole new experience.

The Bocce Pavilion could host national and international tournaments providing additional visitors and visibility during the off-season. I've started to develop this sport in Texas. There is currently no place for visitors or locals here in Austin to easily play a game.

Thanks for your support and please email me your comments.

Robert Battaile