Appearing in 30 STATES • 200+ cities • Internationally

"America's ready for a black Santa!" says Snavely Claws, villain in

"SANTA AND SONS & daughter!" movie marking 4th Anniversary Public Access TV Event showing.

"That's a funny, new wrinkle," says Director, Robert Battaile. "We've had a black Santa wanna-be for years. His name is Snavely and he even wears a black, Santa suit!" He sings a mean, talking blues song "Snavely Claws" in our comedy movie "but I thought he'd been cured of his demented ambitions."

Now in its fourth anniversary year, "SANTA AND SONS & daughter!" ( the family musical movie is showing on Public Access TV throughout December in 29 states – over 160 cities in the U.S. and internationally in Austria and United Kingdom; plus countrywide in New Zealand and Ireland. "We're showing in Vienna, Virginia and Vienna, Austria." adds Producer/Director, Robert Battaile.

"We've just added Milwaukee WI, Webster NY, Erie PA and Silver City, NM to a pretty long list." The movie shows in cities large and small, including Atlanta, Enid, Hibbing, Tampa, Sandwich, Cincinnati, Minneapolis, Dallas, and more. Petaluma ran the show on Thanksgiving Day with San Francisco right behind on Nov. 28.

Watch a :60 trailer at and click on "high quality" for best viewing. Patience please.

Most of the Public Access channels are part of a trio that also includes education and government, hence the PEG acronym. And, the added importance of the effort.

Some of the stations have fundraisers planned to accompany the showings. Hopefully, the local newspapers pick up on the event and give the stations some publicity and editorial coverage to the funding issues and threats looming. For some, the financial crisis, the real estate downturn and less tax revenues are going to really hurt. Some stations are being moved from the basic tiers to channels in the 900's. Some local approaches are becoming part of statewide media negotiations.

The internet is expanding access channels' viewership but it may be diluting their bargaining power. Many and eventually all will be "streaming" their programs (IPTV) to worldwide audiences over the internet. Many and eventually all should also be carried by the satellite providers. Many of the programs produced for access find their way to the internet "social networks" like youtube and myspace, etc. The reach and impact can be enormous.

Please visit and for more information.

All of us need to convince our government representatives to take on the media giants and make sure Public Access stations are adequately and permanently funded.

A complete list of cities follows the cast and crew update below.

If you're unable to watch on Public Access Channels or their internet sites, "we're excited to be on the Starfish Television Network as well this year" adds Battaile. Starfish offers affordable television airtime to nonprofit and charitable organizations so they can tell their stories.
Starfish TV broadcasts on the DISH 1000 Channel 9408.
Showtimes (EST) are Sun Nov 30 10:00 AM - Wed Dec 03 9:30 AM - Mon Dec 08 - 1:00 AM
Sat Dec 13 8:00 AM - Tues Dec 16 9:30 AM - Sat Dec 20 7:00 AM - Wed Dec 24 1:00 AM
Thur Dec 25 12:00 AM - Thur Dec 25 3:00 PM

"I got my start at Austin Community Television back in the '80's when it was reel-to-reel tape and a separate black and white video camera. Public access to training and video gear is such an empowering tool. It's a great concept," continues Battaile "take a class, check out the equipment, edit your show and air it locally." Back then, that meant someone driving up the mountain to the transmitter shack and plugging the vcr in.

"SANTA AND SONS & daughter!" is an indie musical movie that was produced by Battaile's video company CALEXAS ( in northern California in 2004, and appeared in three festivals, Gloria Film Festival, KidsFirst! Film and Video Festival (where it was also nominated for "Best Movie for 8-12 Years Olds") and STARZ! Festival. Creative Child Magazine gave the film an Award.

"SANTA AND SONS & daughter!" introduces Santa's wife Sara, two sons Nicholas and Klaus, and daughter, Sandy Claus. Sandy flies a talking, anti-gravity sleigh named Blaise and falls in love with Zwerkin, the inventor of a teleportation device that helps Santa get into houses without chimneys. The villain, Snavely puts on his black Santa-suit and sings about "deer kabobs and antler soup." The comedy musical features seven songs.

Snavely is played with distinction by R.J. Snead, a singer and actor living in the North Bay. "I hired R.J. after we sang a couple of my original songs together in a production of "Planet Vega$" which ran in Napa and Calistoga. He's performed in numerous plays, commercials and gospel choirs. He's a practicing minister. "I knew he could nail the theme song "Snavely Claws." Battaile continues, "it wasn't about color – way back when, our first cast had a white guy playing Snavely; but R.J. took the character to a whole new realm." Please listen at

The movie was originally written with Mark Reinking some twenty-five years ago in Austin, TX. Battaile named some of the characters after his young kids. "When we finally made the movie, the kids were grown and worked on the show." Silvin was the Director of Photography and Bethany designed the anti-gravity sleigh named after her sister, Blaise.

CAST and CREW update: Almost everyone is still in Northern California.
Robert Ayres (Santa) continues to use that amazing voice for commercials and video games; along with occasional stage and indie movie performances (
Linda Fischer (Mrs. Sara Claus) is heading off to a Kona, Hawaii resort for a clothing catalog modeling gig. Life is tough. She's also been doing runway and commercials.
Kimberly Jensen (daughter, Sandy Claus) is managing the family print business, Ram Print and Communications in Mill Valley with occasional appearances in the popular review "Beach Blanket Babylon" (as Snow White) and other plays. Listen to Kimberlina's Christmas cd at
Michael Waterson (eldest son Nicholas) is the Managing Editor of the American Canyon Eagle Newspaper and also a member of the Irish singing group, Kithe and Kin which performs throughout northern California. He's also appeared in his one-man play about Edgar Allen Poe.
Christopher Spitzer (Chris Todd) who played Santa's son, Klaus Claus has been performing in "Inherit the Wind" and "Biloxi Blues" on stage in New York. He's still a producer for ABC News, and was working at Obama's Headquarters on election night.
Kiernan Morgan, who played Santa's main elf JAN is a Champion Irish Dancer with the McBride School of Irish Dance in Dublin. Now 15, he's been performing since the age of 8 in the Vallejo Music Theatre.
John Maniaci, who played single Dad and inventor, Zwerkin (also Sandy's love interest) is back in Sacramento after playing a doctor with Cybill Shepard in "Listen to Your Heart" which filmed in New York. He's been in commercials and industrials as well.
Holly Stell, the child prodigy that plays the mysterious operatic elf Didl that sings the "Close Your Eyes" lullaby continues to amaze audiences on record, and in live performances. Now 15, she also has her own Christmas Album at .
Annabelle Marie (Cruz), the leader of our elves and Director of the VOENA Choir, was honored with the prestigious Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service. The inspirational children's vocal group were Santa's elves. Check for more about these young musical ambassadors.
Robert Battaile, Director/Producer has been performing in his band, Beatlesque (, shooting video and designing websites. He plans to finally make that "Robert B+" audio-cd in '09.
Bonnie Zimmermann, Associate Producer is now a Senior Producer and COO for "Architects of a New Dawn," for Carlos Santana with positive film, television, IPTV, and web content at
Silvin Morgan, Director of Photography is back in the Bay Area after a year as program director and production manager of the Kauai Channel, a local channel for the island of Kauai. He's now a freelance video producer with Stanford Athletic Department. Go Cardinals!
Suzanne Carreiro, Set decorator and props has inked a book publishing deal for her Tuscan cookbook.
Bethany Battaile now in Texas, designer of Blaise, the talking Anti-gravity Sleigh has started BCB Arts, creating 3-D and traditional art and design.
Tony Grisey, who helped animate the Sleigh works in enviromental projection at Obscura Digital.

We're waiting on final confirmations and 2008 showtimes, but here's...

New 2008 cities, airdates and 2007 airdates (2006 airdates in black)

AUSTRIA, Vienna -
Sun Dec 23 4:30 pm
IRELAND – Dublin ( nationwide (
NEW ZEALAND – Auckland (, Wellington and nationwide (–
Dec 25 2pm
UNITED KINGDOM – Belfast, N. Ireland NVTV –

El Granada ( Ch6 –
Gilroy CMAP –
Healdsburg – (
Mon Dec 3 at 2pm &10pm, Wed Dec 5 at 2pm & 10pm
Morgan Hill - MHAT Dec 24 at 4 pm, Dec 25 at 4 pm
Mt. Shasta, Weed, Dunsmuir, McCloud MCTV15 ( –
Pacifica –
Petaluma PCATV –
Thurs Nov 27
San Francisco ( CH29 –
Fri 11/28 - 5:00 pm - Sun 11/30 - 8:30 pm – Tue 12/9 - 5:30 pm
Fri 12/12 - 5:00 PM; Sun 12/14 - 1:00 pm; Thur 12/18 - 9:00 pm; Tues 12/23 - 5:30 pm
Thur 12/25 - Noon

Santa Cruz –
Santa Rosa – Comcast Ch26, Community Media -
Mon Dec 22 6:30am & 6:30pm,
Tues Dec 23 2:00pm, Wed Dec 24 1:30pm, Fri Dec 26 6:00am, Sat Dec 27 6:00pm,
Sun Dec 28 9:00pm, Mon Dec 29 6:30am & 6:30pm, Tues Dec 30 2:00pm,
Wed Dec 31 1:30pm, Fri Jan 2 6:00am, Sat Jan 3 6:00pm, Sun Jan 4 9:00pm

Saratoga - KSAR15 - Dec 23 - 26 at 9 pm & Dec 30 - Jan 1 at 9 pm
Sebastapol –
St. Helena, SHTV27 –
Tues Dec 23 8pm, Wed Dec 24 8pm
Vallejo, Benicia VCAT CH27 ( –
Sun Dec 21 evening
CONNECTICUT - Hamden, Haven, West Haven ( –
Denver – DOM Ch 58 (also
LIVE on the WEB
Sun Dec 23 3:00 pm, Mon Dec 24 12:30, 8:30 pm, Tues Dec 25 10:00 am, 11:30 am, 5:00 pm, 9:30 pm
Durango DCAT - From Dec 14 - Dec 20 daily at 10:00 am
FLORIDA – Tampa and Hillsborough County -
on education channel Bright House 614 and Verizon 32 - Fri Dec 12 6pm and Sat Dec 13 10 am
GEORGIA - Atlanta ( Ch 24 or 12 -
Fri Dec 19 5pm
Fairfield FPAC9 –
Iowa City PATV –
INDIANA - Bloomington Ch 3 ( -
Sat Dec 22 at 2 pm and Sun Dec 23 at 10 pm
IOWA – Iowa City –
KENTUCKY - Highland Heights - Dec 17 at 6 pm, Dec 19 at 1 am, Dec 21 at 12:30 pm,
Dec 24 at 5:30 pm, Dec 26 at 1 am, Dec 28 at 12:30 pm, Dec 31 at 5:50 pm, more in Jan
Covington (
MAINE - Portland (, Cape Elizabeth, Casco, Cumberland, Falmouth, Gorham, Gray, New
Gloucester, North Yarmouth, Peaks Island, Pownal, Raymond, Scarborough, South Portland, Westbrook and Yarmouth –
Medfield CABLE8,
Sandwich SACAT -
Dec 17 at 1 pm and 9:30 pm, Dec 19 at 12:30 pm, Dec 22 at 12:30 pm,9:30 pm
Chelmsford - ( Ch 8 – Sat Dec 15
– Battle Creek ( - Ch 12 - Dec 24 at 2 pm, Dec 26 at 9 pm, Jan 2 at 8 pm, Jan 5 - 7pm
Grand Rapids - GRTV Ch 25 -
Dec 24 and 25 at 2:00 pm
Minneapolis MTN –
Hibbing - HPAT -
Dec 23 at 11:50 pm, Dec 24 at 9 pm, Dec 25 at 8:30 pm, Dec 26 at 6:30 pm, Dec 27 at 5:30 pm, Dec 28 at 4 pm, Dec 29 at 2:30 pm, Dec 30 at 1:30 pm, Dec 31 at 12:30 pm, Jan 1 at 8:30 pm, Jan 2 at 6:30 pm
Stillwater ( Afton, Bayport, Baytown Township, Lakeland, Lake St. Croix, Lakeland Shores, Oak Park Heights, Stillwater Township, St. Mary's Point, West Lakeland Township - VACTV Ch 14 -
Part One Dec 15 5pm, Dec 16 11am, Dec 24 1pm & 7pm, Dec 25 1pm & 7pm
Part Two Dec 16 5pm, Dec 17 11am, Dec 24 3pm & 9pm, Dec 25 3pm & 9pm
MISSOURI – Columbia ( - From Dec 19 - Jan 2 Mon noon, Wed 8 pm, Sat 8 pm, Sun 1 pm
MONTANA – Missoula ( Bresnan Cable Ch7-
Dec 24 4pm
Silver City ( daily at 12:30 pm Dec 22 thru Dec 29
NEVADA - Reno, City of Sparks, Washoe County ( Ch 16 – Wed Dec12 12:30 pm, Sat Dec 15 at 5 pm
NEW JERSEY – Fair Lawn (
NEW YORK - Fairport CH12 & 15 ( - Dec 10 and 17 at 7:30 pm, Dec 24 at 6 am and 8 pm, Dec 25 at 9
Athens Ch 23 ( – Mon Dec 24 8:00 pm, Tues Dec 25 1:00 pm, 2:30 pm
Centerville, Miami Valley ( - Ch 23 - Dec 24 at 8 am
Norwood NCT – in Dec on Thursdays 2:30pm, Sat's 2:30pm, Sun's. 10:30pm, Mon's 5:30am


Harrisburg (
TEXAS – Dallas iMedia –
VIRGINIA – Herndon (
Dec 9 10:30am, Dec 13 2:30pm, Dec 16 2:30pm, Dec 17 9pm, Dec19 2:30pm, Dec 20 2:30pm, Dec 22 10am, Dec 23 2:30pm, Dec 24 8:30am, Dec 25 11am, Dec 29 7pm,
WASHINGTON – Yakima (YCTV) 3pm on Dec 8,9,10 – 7am on Dec 11,12,13,15
Fort Vancouver
WISCONSIN – Eau Claire ( Dec 19 1:30 pm, Dec 22 2:30 pm Dec 24 12 pm