1. Old St. Nick -- funny, whirling dervish song with lots of elves singing and dancing.

2. Close Your Eyes -- tender lullaby sung by single-father Zwerkin. Angelic sprite, Deidle joins in the singing.

3. Nice People -- upbeat light jazz-pop romantic song from Santa's daughter Sandy's meeting with inventor, Zwerkin.

4. Slinkin' Snavely -- jazzy instrumental theme for villain Snavely.

5. Perspectivity -- jazzy pop song that Santa sings with the whole family

6. Teleporting -- classic strident rocker with nice guitar. Zwerkin and Sandy sing about creating the Teleporter.

7. Check Out the World -- Medium ballad as the two elves plot to steal the Teleporter and "save the day."

8. Snavely Skulks -- out-of-sorts jazz instrumental as Snavely torments the captured elves.

9. Tele-Santa -- uptempo rocker. Santa and the family sing at he tries out the Teleportation Device.

10. To Start A Life -- romantic and deep song just before Zwerkin pops the big question to Sandy Claus

11. Snavely Claws -- talking blues rock song as the ranting villain, Snavely puts on his black Santa-suit.

12. Alchemy -- soundtrack instrumental. Slow but sweeping.