Scenes from the Elves Workshop and Snavely's Office Lair

Copyright 2004 All Rights Reserved.

Photos by Danny McElmury, Silvin Morgan, Bonnie Zimmermann, Chris Norris

Power room at the Elves Workshop. Bonnie straightens out the Director. Snavely putts the 'eyeball cam.'
Ma Snavely the helicopter pilot. 2nd Camera - Chris Norris - at home with the Elves.
Nicholas and Zwerkin visit Snavely's Lair.
Dir of Photography, Silvin Morgan becomes the camera.
Silvin with Key Grip, Danny McElmury.
Catherin Schoen prepares to take off as Ma Snavely.
RJ Snead as Snavely. Shot in Vallejo.
Camera 2 sits in for Menacin Snavely.
James Dominguez lowers the boom. Lucy and Kat. Two of Snavely's Henchmen.
Snavely picks up the eyeball spy-cam.
Kiernan Morgan as Jan the elf and Michael Caldwell as Silvin - trapped in Snavely's Office.
Nick Curtis, sound and conversation.