Scenes from Sara's Pep Rally & The Elves Workshop Copyright 2004 All Rights Res.

Video stillframes by Silvin Morgan and Chris Norris

Wally (Butch Stell) alerts Mrs. Claus. Shot at Daryl Sattui's Villa Amarosa winery near Calistoga. A perturbed Zwerkin sings about "Teleportin.'"
Elves Fred and Judith. Blake sees the light.
Annabelle Cruz directs the elves chorus (voena.org)
Our Props Director, Suzanne Carreiro takes a fling.

All the elves undergo a rigorous training process. A year-round process that requires administrative and logistical coordination. 2nd shift at the Power Station.
And, just why are you still in your jammies?
Santa's Elixir is constantly monitored.
Santa puts Bethany (Jenny) to work.
Note the intense concentration on quality and detail that keeps Santa Claus, Inc. number one in toy manufacturing and distribution.