Scenes f rom the North Pole Barn and The Outpost. Copyright 2004 All Rights Reserved.

Photos by Danny McElmury, Silvin Morgan, Bonnie Zimmermann, Chris Norris, James Domingues

Nissa in the door of the Reindeer Barn. The whole gang at the Barn. Taped at the Pope Valley Winery.
Sara and Santa. John Maniaci as Zwerkin looks under Blaise, the talking anti-gravity sleigh.
Youngest son, Klaus mugs for the camera crew.
Sandy chases away uninvited extra. Giggles the elf gets makeup.
Chris Todd as Klaus Claus.
Lucia Sanza makesup Santa's Chief Helper, Jan (Kiernan Morgan). Michael Waterson as the number one son, Nicholas.

Jan the stowaway peeks out of the sleigh. Mel the helicopter pilot takes Nicholas and Zwerkin to visit Snavely.
Jan and Silvin rush to fix the smashed Teleporter. Quickly, they hide when the others return.
RB as Mel, looking shaggy. Zwerkin notices the baggage vandalized.