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The TELE-SANTA Day by Day links will start appearing here as the days progress.

Day 1.
Zwerkin with kids Bethany and Silvin enjoying Xmas preps until Snavely comes over.
Deidl, a Christmas Sprite sings a lullaby.

Day 2.
Santa family learns of Zwerkin's dilemma. Sandy gets smitten and takes Anti-gravity Sleigh to "real world."

Day 3.
Santa's son Klaus, and daughter Sandy arrive in the "real world." Klaus meeting w Snavely doesn't go too well. But, Zwerkin and Sandy really hit it off.

Day 4.
Sandy gets a demo of Zwerkin's Teleportation Device. The cute couple sings a song ("Nice People") and Klaus spills the beans.

Day 5.
Zwerkin seems to think his Teleporter is ready for a visit to see Sandy who is surprised when Santa ok's it. 

Day 6.
Zwerkin ("well, most of him") makes it up to the North Pole. Snavely gloats and gleefully accepts a package... his Black Santa-suit! 

Day 7.
Older bro Nicholas learns about Klaus' screwup. Zwerkin gets a tour of the Elves Workshop; and the Santa family sings Dad's theme song "Perspectivity."  

Day 8.
Ah-oh. Snavely sneaks into Zwerkin's Zwerkshop and finds the Melter! The Elves (Jan and Silvin) decide to save the day and "Check Out the World." (song)

Day 9.
At the Elves' Pep Rally, Zwerkin sings about Teleportation. Sandy ask her mom some heavy questions. An important Santa Claus Inc. meeting. 

Day 10.
After Klaus fesses-up at the Santa Claus Inc. meeting, Zwerkin claims he fixed all the bugs, and gives a Teleporter to Santa. Santa tenuously tries it out. Song: "...Teleportin' Tele-Santa" 

Day 11.
Bethany finds Silvin secretly making PB and Mayonnaise sandwiches. He and Jan are going to stow away in Nicholas' Convertible Sleigh for a ride to "Check Out the World." As Nicholas brags, the "elves" make their move. 

Day 12.
After the sleigh arrives at the Outpost, Klaus and Zwerkin take the helicopter in to straighten out Snavely. The "elves" discover their Teleporter got smashed and they're stuck. Or are they?

Day 13
Yuck. Jan uses Silvin's gum to fix the Teleporter; just as Nicholas and Zwerkin return from their unsuccessful meeting w Snavely who followed them in his helicopter. Hardly believing his eyes, he ask his mum (the pilot) "is that a flying convertible sleigh?"

Day 14
At the Reindeer Barn, Sandy and Klaus greet the returning Nicholas and Zwerkin. Zwerkin wants to go somewhere to talk w Sandy... maybe he has a proposal in mind. And a song. 

Day 15
Wow. Snavely has captured Jan and Silvin. The Santa Family's having an important prep meeting when Zwerkin bursts in... the Teleporter's missing! Santa asks Bethany if she knows anything about it. 

Day 16 I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but Snavely captured the elves Jan and Silvin; 'n then went rummaging thru Sil's bag and found... the Teleporter. Soon the transformation is complete as he becomes "Snavely Claws." (in song of course) 

Day 17
Jan picks up the eyeball spycam as Silvin wrangles his way to the Zwerkshop. Santa's Helicopter pilot, Mel found something disturbing at the Outpost; and Santa hatches a Plan for a rescue.

Day 18
Santa's Rescue Plan includes Sandy & Zwerkin taking her Anti-gravity Sleigh, Blaise back to Zwerkin's house. High above the flux plateau, a romantic moon works its spell.

Day 19
Jan and Silvin have been tied up in Zwerkin's Zwerkshop by Menacin Snavely. I shouldn't be telling you this, but he uses the stolen Teleportation Device... and goes up to the North Pole to confront Santa. I can say no more. (until tomorrow)

Day 20
An intruder at the North Pole! Nicholas tries to distract Snavely as Santa; and Sandy w Zwerkin hurriedly turn their sleighs around. Snavely likes his new "digs" but he's drinking way too much of Santa's Elixir from the Garden fountain.

Day 21 Jan & Silvin are tied up in the Zwerkshop but Zwerkin's original computer teleporter is still turned on. If Jan can just toss the eyeball spycam onto the trigger while Silvin stretches to get a toe into the target box... Finally, Santa's arrived back at the North Pole and is trying the impossible... to reason with Snavely and the Melter. Odin may be called upon.

DAY 22
Snavely points the Melter at Santa emitting a powerful destructive beam as Sara screams out. Santa uses his bare hand to fight it back imploring St. Nicholas to give him kindness. Back at the Zwerkshop, Silvin finally stretches to get his foot into the take-off zone as Jan tosses the eyeball with a wing and prayer to strike the activator of Zwerkin's original computer Teleporter.

Day 23
Jan's eyeball spycam toss worked. It struck the original computer activator! He and Silvin are teleporting from the Zwerkshop but somehow stuck in the vortex. I guess it's because of the incredible energy flow as Santa holds off Snavely's Melter Beam. Odin is invoked and adding to the flux... and then, and then...

Day 24
Well. Jan and Silvin were hanging in the flux zone mid-teleportation right over Snavely who was using his Melter beam on Santa. Maybe it was Santa's power, or Odin gave him the strength. But all of a sudden out of nowhere, Jan and Silvin land on Snavely and send him and the Melter sprawling. Crisis averted but dang... Santa's really running behind schedule. Hold on Santa; Nicholas has an idea.

Day 25
Guess what? It has a happy ending... as the four heavily laden sleighs rise high above the flux plateau among the starry heavens and soar away into the night. 


        Merry Christmases!