PAGE PLAY Description    
2 Bethany playing Tele-Santa Game    
3 Doorbell    
5 SONG: Close Your Eyes    
6 Sending email to Santa    
8 Sandy rewinds the Perspectivity Window    
9 Music as Anti-gravity Sleigh Blaise soars    
10 Helicopter leaves the Outpost    
11 Helicopter arrives for Snavely meeting    
12 Sandy presses Doorbell    
16 Zwerkin teleports tea cup    
17 SONG: Nice People    
19 Sandy calls Zwerkin    
22 top Zwerkin enters Teleporter coordinates    
22 bottom Zwerkin experiencing Teleportation effects    
23 middle Zwerkin bombarded with effects    
23 bottom Zwerkin trapped in the ozone    
24 Zwerkin finally arrives at North Pole    
27 Snavely's maniacal laughter    
28 Music in the Elves' Workshop    
33 SONG: "Perspectivity"    
34 top Music: Slinking Snavely    
34 bottom Melter accidentally goes off    
35 Melter destroys picture    
38 SONG: "Check Out the World"    
39 top Elves sing "Deck the Halls"    
39 middle SONG: "Teleporting"    
41 Zwerkin calls Sandy on picture-phone intercom    
45 top Santa tries out the Teleporter    
45 middle SONG: "Tele-Santa"    
50 bottom Nicholas' convertible sleigh lift-off    
53 Mel's Helicopter lifts off from Outpost    
56 Helicopter returns to Outpost    
57 Nicholas' sleigh takes off from Outpost    
58 Snavely's Helicopter    
61 Blaise tells Sandy the weather in the Garden    
62 SONG: "To Start A Life"    
65 Sarah enters the Kitchen for her morning coffee    
70 Snavely threatens Jan and Silvin with the Melter    
72 SONG: "Snavely Claws"    
78 Blaise takes off with Sandy and Zwerkin    
79 Blaise plays the couple singing earlier    
80 Snavely laughs and threaten captured elves    
81 Snavely teleports out    
82 top Snavely in the ozone    
82 bottom Snavely lands at North Pole    
83 Computer announces the Courtyard intruder    
86 Snavely melts the anti-grav camera    
91 Snavely blasts Santa as he calls on St. Nicholas    
93 Jan flings the iBall to activate Zwerkin's computer-teleporter    
94 Santa invokes Odin in struggle against Snavely    
97 Silvin and Jan pop out of the sky landing on Snavely    
111 SONG: Old St. Nick    
  Bonus music: "Snavely Skulks"