Here are some stillframes from the video.

The A-Bomb Hairdo Hey, Big Spender Spend a little time with me. Vegas and I were born together. Busty Majorette does J.P.Sousa Got myself a fancy pair Dino wows 'em Excessive will suffice. Planet Vegas Digs Ya Planet Vega$ one more time. Which way to the Dollar Buffet? Piles of potatoes, soggy zucchini

Lots of those little party frank weenies.Oh, you give me fever. Marek nails Frank. I gotta be RJ Character dancing What's a little radiation among friends? Time is gonna stumble. Space is gonna rumble. Heaven's gonna  roar tonight Miss Lee Berace Bobby does Mack the Knife Looking for that Million $ Jackpot Doing it my way Too sexy for this website. Viva Las Vegas Viva Planet Vega$

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